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Naturally Fermented

No Additives

Non Alcoholic

The original range of palate pleasing, naturally fizzy, probiotic packing brews. Both Kombucha and Ales are low on sugar, while Kombucha is made from ethically sourced quality tea, Ales are made with locally sourced ingredients, with seasonal favourites.




Guideline Compliant

Our food products are probiotic and made with premium ingredients, adhering to the highest hygiene standards. Fermentation lends amazing depth in flavour while preserving nutrition. We don’t use additives or artificial flavours, great as healthy alternatives to packaged products.

What our customers say

“Kombucha Kings!. Whatever I know of this magical beverage, I have learnt from Mossant Fermentary. Thank you for introducing me to Booch. Best I’ve ever had.”

Gaurav Saria, Founder, Infinitea

What our customers say

Mossant has been my go-to kombucha place. After trying around 6-7 brands, I keep coming back to Mossant for 100% Quality, Consistency, Pricing & Packaging. Keep brewing guys... All the best!

Gurudeep Murthy, Bigbabafoodie

What our customers say

I love the dry, fizzy booch from Mossant which does my gut good while I sip from their gorgeous glass bottle. I’m on a mission to get people eating healthier while enjoying their food - Mossant Fermentary products makes this easy!

Sarah Edwards, Founder, Copper & Cloves

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